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Best burial insurance and final expense insurance policies for people over 55

Shop and compare the best final expense companies you can trust

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What is final expense insurance,
burial insurance,
and funeral insurance?

Final expense insurance, burial insurance, or funeral insurance policies are unique small policies that have affordable premiums (payments) and are designed to pay all final expenses.  Removing the financial burden from your loved ones.  Regardless of your age or health, final expense insurance DO NOT require exams or physicals.  While other forms of life insurance are designed to cover debt, replace income, or protect assets, final expense insurance is usually for funeral expenses and maybe a small amount to cover credit card debt.  Most final expense policies are issued between $5,000 to $20,000.

"The only life insurance policy that matters

Is the one that is in force (active) when you die."

The Basics

It Protects The People You Love

Final expense insurance is guaranteed whole life insurance and is paid out in cash.  This means that your loved ones can use it for your burial or cremation services and whatever final expenses are necessary.  

Instant Final Expense Quotes

Choose which plan is best for you?

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